9 Ways to Earn Money Legally

9 Ways to Earn Money

9 Ways to Earn Money Legally (No investment!)

Are you tired of the illegal websites and MLM companies that offer money without any work? Is Legal and proven ways to earn impossible for you?

Then you’ve come to the right place. People often think they cannot earn, because they lack money to invest.

Not every earning method requires money. And yes, they are legal, real ways that people are using.

I have listed tried and tested ways you can earn, without investing any money. Not only online but offline methods too. Read to the end for a super informative post.

9 Ways to Earn Money
9 Ways to Earn Money Legally

Online earning without any investment

Most of the earning methods online don’t require an investment. You can trade your skill for money here.

Skill is the new investment, they say.

There are tons of ways of online income. Choose one according to your choice.

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Drop shipping

Drop shipping is an e-commerce shop where you sell and people buy the products.

But wait, don’t you need to manufacture the products to sell them?  And you don’t have money for that.

This is where drop shipping is superior to any other business. You don’t need any products physically to sell them.

You have to contract with a business company (AliExpress etc.) and list their product in your online shop. When a customer orders, you collect their address and send them to the company.

Then the company ships the product to the customer. And you earn the profit margin.

Sarah Crisp from “Wholesale Ted” earns $1000 daily with drop shipping!

Sounds amazing, right?

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Freelancing (Where Skill=Money!)

Freelancing marketplace, like Fiverr, Upwork is very popular in outsourcing. Companies hire people to do a certain task here.

From virtual assistants to designing thumbnails, you can do anything here.

The only thing you need is a skill. If you have designing skills, color choice, try graphic designing.

If you love coding, create a gig for web development.

Be sure the skills you have are top-notch. Because there is a high competition going on.

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Selling course online (Earn while sleeping!)

Selling an online course is the most passive way to earn.

What’s passive income? When you don’t have to be working actively and still earn.

There are plenty of platforms to sell your courses. Skillshare, Udemy is the most popular one.

You can create a course on almost everything. If you are skilled enough in a sector, such as cooking or programming, people will happily buy the course.

Go to Skillshare’s dashboard, you will see what type of courses are selling well. Then you can create a detailed course on it.

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“In 2021, YouTube’s user in Germany amounts to approximately 48.42 million users. The number of YouTube users in Germany is projected to reach 59.94 million users by 2025” (source: Statista)

And guess what is the total population of Germany is? 83.02 million. This means YouTube users have risen by 22.9% in 4 years only!

This scenario applies not only to Germany but to the whole world.

People are more into YouTube videos than TV shows now.

Why you should join YouTube for income? Because there is a growing audience on YouTube. And you should use that growth in your income too!

YouTubers earn through AdSense. Google AdSense pays YouTubers $18 for every 1000 views. Youtubers also earn via affiliate links and brand promotion.

This is insane. Many YouTubers claim to earn more than their conventional jobs.

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Freelance writer

You can spend all day writing. People reading your posts and opinion gives you a thrill.

How does it sound if I say you can get paid to write?

Yes. There are tons of marketers and companies who are looking for content writers. You can show them your writing skill. They will hire you instantly.

You can write on platforms, like Medium, Linked In even Facebook to get clients.

Freelance designer

Writing is not your thing. You like to spread your thoughts on a canvas, filling it with loads of colors. People appreciate your color choice.

Then graphic designer is the right job for you. A graphic designer has to do a bunch of works, logo designing, posters, banners, and many more.

You can learn all of these or stick to a small task (i.e.-logo making). Freelance marketplace hires graphic designers for their company. And every company needs a logo for branding.

Testing websites and apps

Blogging is an emerging career. People are constantly trying to make their website a better place for the visitor. They don’t want to lose the visitor.

This is where testing websites come from. You need to review the websites and find what’s wrong with them.

Whether it is clickbaity content or the app doesn’t run properly. You have to sign in and give them feedback. Some websites I recommend are-

  1. UserTesting
  2. Checkealos
  3. Perception

You need to be fluent in English. Because they conduct audio/video conversations with the tester.

Offline methods of earning money without investment

Many of us don’t rely on the internet world. Some of us don’t have an internet connection or PC. Or you can be simply uncomfortable working online.

Offline earning requires investment, most of the time.

But the listed methods below don’t need that.

Sell your unwanted stuff

I can bet there are many kinds of stuff in your room right now, that you don’t use anymore.

You can earn some extra bucks by selling them half of the price. Many people buy products from the thrift store. They will get the wanted product at half of the price.

And you get money from things you don’t even need anymore.

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Are you good at Math? Or Biology? Or Physics? It can be any subject you are good at.

You have a good skill of making tough things simple. Then go for tutoring. You can make handsome money from this.

Many students are willing to pay for learning things they don’t understand in college.

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Rent a Room

If you have a big house or a sparing room, use it for your benefit.

Many foreign students are looking for a room to stay.  They often search for a small room on a tight budget.

Now you know legit ways to earn money, both online and offline. Earning money requires patience and hard work. And there is nothing in this world called a shortcut. Use these methods above to earn money with no investment. Have you tried any of these? Comment down below.

>> 9 Ways to Earn Money Legally

>> 9 Ways to Earn Money

>> 9 Ways to Earn Money Legally

>> 9 Ways to Earn Money

>> 9 Ways to Earn Money Legally

>> 9 Ways to Earn Money

>> 9 Ways to Earn Money Legally

>> 9 Ways to Earn Money

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